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Dessert/High Alcohol Wine Yeast



This yeast has a high tolerance to alcohol and is therefore excellent for fortified or dessert wines.

Young’s dessert/high alcohol wine yeast is an exceptional strain that allows optimum wine quality to be achieved with each and every brew. Its properties include an ability to ferment up to 18% ABV, rapid clearing, low foam formation, and the ability to ferment as low as 10°C means this is a reliable and easy to handle strain. You can expect a taste and aroma profile that will bring the natural grape flavours to the fore, it will also add a definite weight and depth to your wine, making it perfect for high alcohol sweet wines. Excellent across numerous varietals producing classic, true to type sweet, flavoursome wines with balanced mouthfeel and smooth finish, exuding the baked fruit flavours synonymous with high alcohol wines; making well structured, clean wines that are a wonderful accompaniment to many after dinner treats is what this strain does beautifully.

Each 5g sachet will be sufficient for up to 5 gallons of wine. Gluten free.

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