Bordeaux Red Wine Yeast



Improves body and confers soft fruit flavours to red wines – perfect for Bordeaux style red wines.

Young’s Bordeaux red wine yeast is truly a top quality strain that delivers outstanding home wine making results. Some red wine yeast strains on the market will strip out fruit flavour and colour from the must, however the complete opposite is true of this strain. Your wine will retain the viticulture and natural fruit characteristics of the grape and its synonymous claret colouring. This yeast will allow you make wines that are full of the balanced soft fruit flavour and character that is associated with traditional old world Bordeaux reds. Expect pronounced dark fruit notes on the nose, as well as some spicy characteristics, well balanced wines with good palate length and intense fruit flavours. This medium foaming yeast has the ability ferment up to 15% ABV and produce truly sublime wines suitable for maturation.

Each 5g sachet will be sufficient for up to 5 gallons of wine. Gluten Free.

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