Kwik Clear – Wine and Beer Finings

An outstanding two part fining (gelatin/kieselsol) to clear homebrew wine. Brilliant clarity can be achieved in under 24 hours. They have little or o affect on flavour or the bouquet of the wine.

Sufficient to treat 70-135 litres.

Finings – In Simple Terms

Substances that are usually added at or near the completion of the processing of brewing wine and or beer – They are used to remove organic compounds to either improve clarity or adjust flavor/aroma.

Elderflower Wine Recipe


· ¾ pint/500ml-Elderflowers (not pressed down)
· ½ lb/250g-Raisins OR ¼ pint/140ml White grape concentrate
· 3-Lemons
· 1tsp-Grape Tannin
· 1gallon/45L Water
· White wine yeast and Nutrient


· Pick the elderflowers on a sunny day, when all the separate flowers are fully open. Avoid collecting them from roadsides or below waist height.
TIP: Trim the flowers from the heads with scissors, avoiding any green stems, as these can cause a bitter taste.

· Place the flowers in a clean food-grade bucket and pour over the boiling water.
TIP: Use steriliser to clean any equipment you use to avoid bacteria ruining your wine.

· Add the raisins OR concentrate, sugar and lemon juice.
· When cooled to approximately 20ºC, add the tannin, nutrient and yeast.
· Cover and leave in a warm place to ferment up to seven days.
· Strain into a clear demi-john, fit an air lock and leave to ferment.
· When it begins to clear, rack (siphon) into a clear demi-john, leaving any sediment behind.
· Rack again after two months, and bottle when crystal clear.
Recipe from Andrew, our on site homebrew expert