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Homebrew Story From A Novice Brewer

So I’ve been hearing about home brew wine like it’s this new phenomenon just arrived on our shores but I remember back in the very distant past when my Dad decided he would start brewing his own wine.
This seemed like a bizarre thing to do when I was so young I didn’t really know what wine was! I remember lots of things everywhere and a strange smell that I didn’t really like that much. I also remember lots of perplexed looks and some choice words and of course some rather rubbish tasting wine at the end of all this nonsense!

My Dad is not blessed with much patience and this I am told is essential when it comes to home brewing wine, or any kind of alcohol come to that.
Needless to say Dad’s brewing days ended there. Not a complete disaster but not the overwhelming home brew success he thought.
Thankfully it seems things have moved on since the early 80’s and brewing kits are far more in line with what we expect to find in the local supermarket. Our expectations are not so out of line with what we actually get, great!

Homebrew Wine Now

Home brew kits now are completely different to how they used to be back in the day. You really can find any kit, accessory or ingredient. Nothing is out of reach for the modern home brewer.
I think I may give this home brew lark a try. I’ll pick up a starter kit which I believe contains everything I should need for my first dip of the toe and see where I go from there. The only issue I can for see is the fact that I have been unlucky enough to have inherited my dad’s complete lack of patience. I am hoping this will not hinder my brewing hopes and will try to gather up all of my patience and use it all in one go!