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Cleaner Steriliser

Cleaner steriliser powder is essential to have when you are homebrewing. It’s very simple to use, follow the instructions on the amount of powder vs water ratio, stir and you’re ready to go. It gets rid of nasty bacteria that can react with the yeast and cause your brew to smell and taste bad. It also gets rid of any wild yeast that can cause different flavours to occur.

Everything needs to be clean and sterile to ensure you make a good brew, this includes not only the vessel you are brewing in but also the air lock, bung, anything used to stir it, the syphon, bottles etc. Just make sure you wash everything out with clean water after you’ve cleaned and sterilised your items!

Uses throughout the home

This handy product lifts stubborn stains and sterlises at the same time, even getting into small cracks and crevices, so you can imagine it has many uses throughout the home too. On the VWP tub it lists that you can use it for tea and coffee pots, mugs, vases, flasks, decanters, jugs, the worktop, sink, fridge, bowls, chopping board, dishcloth, dishwasher and more!

For use in the dishwasher, it says that it leaves your glasses and dishes sparkling clean and also keeps smells and germs at bay.

For use on mugs etc, we can personally vouch that if you put a teaspoon of the powder in the mug, top up with warm water and leave for a few hours or overnight, it lifts the tea and coffee stains out brilliantly!

Cleaner and steriliser is a relatively inexpensive way of cleaning, so it is well worth the small investment of using for your homebrew equipment and giving it a go for various other uses around your house. Let us know if you find other uses for it!