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Blog » Yeasts For Homebrew Kits: What Yeasts Are Best?

Hints for Young’s Yeasts

Which yeast to buy for your particular homebrew kit? Here is a list of the Young's yeasts available.

Ale Yeast A true top fermenting yeast with vigorous fermentation characteristics. Promotes rich, full flavoured English style ales with a clean, smooth texture. Produces firm, heavy sediment, so ideal for bottle conditioning.

Cider Yeast Bayanus strain specially selected for its ability to produce crisp and refreshing ciders.

Lager Yeast A true bottom-fermenting lager yeast that produces flavour characteristics consistent with quality lager.

All Purpose White Produces white or blush wines which are exceptionally crisp and clean. Also suitable for cold ferments down to 7°C.

Bordeaux White Confers exceptional depth and complexity to white wines - perfect for Bordeaux (dry) style wines.

All Purpose Red For red wines which are well rounded and full of fruit flavours - suitable for any style of red wine.

Bordeaux Red To improve body and confer soft fruit flavours to red wines - perfect for Bordeaux style reds.

Burgundy Red Confers depth and complexity to red wines - perfect for Burgundy style reds.

Re-Start Yeast For re-starting stuck fermentations. High success rate where the wine is below 8% ABV and within pH ranges 3.0-3.5.

Dessert/High Alcohol High tolerance to alcohol.

Champagne Exceptionally clean and fresh - although selected for Champagne, it is also suitable for any sparkling wine.