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Blog » Cooking With Wine - How To Use Wine In Cooking

So you've got a batch of wine that isn't quite tasting the way you would have liked. What to do with your not so great home brewed wine? Why cook with it of course! Don't throw it down the drain, you took time to produce it and okay so it's not fantastic enough to give to your dinner guests in a posh glass but it has it's uses.

Why Wine Is A Good Addition

It adds moisture for a start. Also if you are cooking a low fat recipe with a very low fat content then it adds a kick of flavour that it much needed. Cut back on salt and add a glug of the red or the white stuff instead.

Add Wine To Fish Dishes

A great way to add flavour to pan fried fish is to add a splash of white wine to the oil. This helps to keep the fish itself moist as well as adding a punchy taste.

Add Red Wine To Chillies And Bolognese

A splash of red wine as the meat is simmering adds a bit extra to these tasty dishes. Used in conjuntion with a beef stock a splash of wine really brings out the flavour of the mince.

Add White Wine To Chicken Dishes

Wrap a chicken breast in parma ham and bake it in the over in some white wine for 30 minutes. Yummy!