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Blog » What You Will Need To Start Brewing Your Own Beer: Must Have Brewing Accessories

Okay, so you've decided yo to start brewing your own beer at home. So where do you go from that decision? To start with there are a lot of equipment staples you will need to get brewing. It may seem like a bit of an outlay at first but remember once you have the basics you have them and won't need to keep buying your standard brewing equipment.

At Beer-Kits we have tried to make it so that you really don't have to hunt around the web for similar companies stocking the extra's as we do the lot. All of the home brew accessories as well as all of the brewing ingredients required to go with your particular choice of home brew kit.

You will see our beer kit collection is pretty vast. We aim to sell as many of these great tasting kits as we can to give as much choice as possible.

Basic Equipment You Will Need To Start Home Brewing Beer

  • Beer bottle brush
  • Recipe book (as sold via our online store)
  • Bottle Capper
  • Sanitising solution to be used with all of your equipment (very inportant!)
  • Airlock (used with the fermentation bucket and carboy)
  • Hydrometer (to measure gravity before and after fermentation)

accessories for home brew kits: bottle caps for beer making

These are your store cupboard staples and will be used every time you brew a batch of beer.

Cleanliness is all important so please don't neglect the sanitisation process as this stops and bugs and bacteria from getting into your home brewed beers.

Most of all have fun making your own beer!