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Blog » What Do I Need To Brew Beer At Home?

If you are thinking about home brew as a hobby then look no further than our website. We have everything you need to make your own beer at home with a kit or without. To be honest if you are just tarting out then a kit is your best bet. Once you become a pro then try making it from scratch.

how to make beer at home

What You Will Need

A kit of your choice. Choose one that suits your tastes. There are lots to choose from, no shortage of beer kits on the market, or here for that matter!

Everything you need to start brewing is in the kit. You might like to purchase a recipe book too (ideas are everything!)


Air lock


Bottle Caps

bottle caps for homebrew beer

Bottle Capper

Bottle Brush

Measuring cup


Racking cane

Time and patience is essential!

All of the ingredients will be included in your chosen kit.