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Blog » Traditional Pubs - Are they a thing of the past?

Don't you just love a traditional old English pub? Beer-Kits support the British pub in all it's various guises but a great old style village pub with NO loud music (preferably none at all) is pretty hard to find these days.

I have a group of friends that pop up to London once a year on the hunt for good old fashioned ale houses and pubs around the City. It sounds like fun, I may join them next year!

The village pub was the heart of the community and for those that are lucky enough to have one they most definitely still are. communities have in the past gathered their resources together and fought to keep their local pub open buy purchasing it themselves and running it between them. If that doesn't prove that community spirit is alive and well I dont know what does.

Did you know that back in 1990 there were 69,000 pubs in the UK now there are only 48,000! Shocking statistics we think.

To sit in an old English pub in front of a roaring fire sipping a pint of beer...ah..what could be better on a cold Winter's day?