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Blog » The Best Home Brew Wine Kits For Beginners: Wine Kits For New Brewers

The best wine kits for beginners - New to home brew? Wanting to brew your own wines? Well you've come to the right place!

We stock a variety of wine kits, all of the home brew ingredients you could possibly need as well as the necessary brewing equipment.

Wine Starter Kits From Beer-Kits

the best home brew wine kits

This Overt Locke starter wine brewing kit is ideal as it provides the basic equipment needed to start making wine at home. Just choose a 6 bottle wine kit to go with it, simples! (or use a recipe) This home brew pack includes - 5 ltr PET demi-john, cap & grommet, bubbler, 25 standard straight corks, hand corker, thermometer, trial jar, simple syphon, steriliser (100g) - Everything you need to get started. If we don't sell it then it probably doesn't exist!

starter home brew kits

How Long Does It Take To Brew A Batch Of Wine At Home?

Around 2 hours if you have never brewed your own wine before. You'll probably have it down to a fine art in no time and should manage to get a batch made up in around 1 hour.

Start with 6 bottles for your first batch. Think of this first wine run as an experiment in home brew! Actually the secret to a great wine brew is don't neglect the instructions! We know it's a male thing to ignore all written instructions and plough on regardless but we definitely suggest NOT!

Beer Kits in an extension of Overt Locke Ltd - We have been selling quality beer, wine an cider kits for many years via our extensive online brew shop. If you are still unsure of which wine kit to choose then please feel free to drop us a line. We are very helpful and really rather nice!