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Blog » Summer Brews: The Best Beer Kits For Summer Entertaining

Well this beautiful sunny weather looks set to continue so it's time to consider the best home brews for all of that Summer entertaining you're sure to be doing over the coming weeks!

home brew kits for summer entertaining

Our beer kits become increasingly popular in the Summer season. Cider kits too but beer seems to win out when it comes to brewing this time of year.

So just what is the best kit? Hmmm well of course it's all a matter of personal taste but here are a few suggestions for you from our very experienced team of home brewers here in our Somerton store:

Muntons Gold Continental Pilsner Beer Kit

You cant go wrong with a thirst quenching beer such as the Pilsner kit from Muntons. With a light and delicate taste this superb beer is perfect for your guests this Summer. Stick to the brewing instructions and you can't go far wrong.

Leave it for a month for the best results. Yum, perfect!

Home Brew Kits From Woodfordes

Woodforde's beer kits use only the finest local ingredients including Norfolk-grown Barley, malted in Norfolk, to produce distinctive quality beers. A perfect kit for Summer entertaining. Deliciously golden and thirst quenching.

Of course these are just our recommendations. We have many many beer kits available via the online store so you may want o browse yourself and make your own choice. Some forums may give you a better idea of what beer kit is the right one for you. Personal recommendation is always a good one!