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Blog » Red Wine Recipe: How To Make Your Own Red Wine

Red Wine Recipe

Home Brewed Wine - The very first thing you must check before brewing is that your fruit is ripe. You can do this by grabbing a couple of handfuls and crushing them to extract the juice. You'll need to strain and check the sugar levels with a hydrometer. The fruit should be sweet but also a little tart for optimum taste. It's probably obvious but throw away any rotting fruit or any heading that way.

Don't forget to keep it sterile! This is such an important part of a good home brew.

When you have made sure that everything is well and truly clean and steralised you are good to go so begin by adding the fruit to a straining bag and put it into a bucket. Crush the grapes into the bag. You can use pretty much any utensil you feel comfortable with but we suggest a potato masher or something along those lines.

Sprinkle your campden tablet over this. Cover the bucket and leave it for bout an hour or so.


It's important that you take a sample at this point. You will need to measure the acidity. Next test the gravity


Check the temp of your mashed fruits - You are looking for a temperature of 21 - 24 degrees. Leave it now (around 24 hours) once bubbles start to appear on the surface you will know that fermentation is beginning.

Yeast - Dissolving

Dissolve your yeast into your water (make sure it is steralised before you do this!) Leave it to stand for a while. Nest pour it over the must. Make sure it's all evenly mixed together.

Keep Checking

Don't forget to monitor the fermentation process on a daily basis, this is extremely important. When you are ready you can take the straining bag out and strain any remaining liquid out.

Don't lose heart

You need patience for home brew so I'm afraid a little more waiting is called for at this point. Leave to settle for around 24 hours.

Racking The Wine

Take a steralised jar and separate the wine from the sedament. Siphon the wine into the jar with a plastic tube. Fit with a steralised bung or lock at this point. Allow to stand for 10 - 14 days before transferring into another jar. Top it up with juice and bung it as before.

Leave for a few months and then siphon the clarified wine into bottles. Again making sure that everything is particularly well steralised. And there you have it, yummy red wine and you only had to wait 6 months for it!

Note: This is just a basic guide to making your own wine at home. You may want to visit some homebrew forums or pick up a recipe book for a more detailed recipe with measurements included.