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Blog » Is It Easy To Make Your Own Beer At Home: Home Brew In Easy Steps

Have you thought about making your own beer at home in the past but thought 'Blimey, that must be a lot of hassle' Well think again!

People are turning to home brew not only as a hobby but because in the long run it's cheaper than the Supermarket! You can make up many batches of beer at a time and store for future consumption.

We stock a vast selection of beer kits for both beginners and experts.

Books for Home Brewers - How To Make Beer Like You Buy

Some great books are available via our website. Pick up handy hints and tips from our recipe books and new to home brew books.

How to make home brew books

What Equipment Will I Need Before I Can Start Brewing My Own Beer?

Well the good news is you don't need to invest in lots of expensive brewing equipment. You can purchase some fantastic starter brewing kits (see if you like it before you invest some more)

When you have decided that it's the hobby for you then go for it!

First you will need a large pot (maybe 3 gallons)

  • An Airtight Fermenting Bucket - 5 gallon plastic bucket with lid, or a glass carboy (see equipment via our online brew store)
  • Tubing & Clamp
  • A Thermometer - A floating thermometer
  • An Air Lock and Stopper - To fit your fermenter
  • A Bottle Filler
  • Beer Bottles
  • Bottle Brush (optional extra)beer bottles for home brew
  • A Bottle Capper
  • Bottle Caps
  • A Sanitising solution - It is important to sanitise everything before use

Step 1 - Brew Your beer

Malt extracts and hops are boiled together

Step 2 - Cool And Ferment Your Beer

Cool your mixture to room temperature then siphon it to a fermenter. Next combine it with some water. Once the mixture drops to room temperature, yeast is added to start the fermentation process. Don't forget to sanitise at this point will you! It's of the utmost importance that you sanitise everything really well to prevent any kind of infection. You will need to leave your beer for around 2 weeks to completely ferment.

Step 3 - Prime And Bottle Your beer

Once the beer has completely fermented you will need to siphon it into a container to prepare it for bottling. You will mix sugars with the beer at this point. The beer should now be siphoned into bottles and these should then be capped.

bottle caps for home brew beer

Step 4 - Ageing

Your home brew beer needs to age for around 3 - 6 weeks for the best results.

Step 5 - Drink Beer!

We hope you have found this article a useful tool in helping you to make the decision whether or not to brew your own beer. Take a look at all of the kits on offer here at Beer-kits, you will see it's a complete one stop brew shop. With plenty of 'New to home brew' books on offer too you have all the help you need to start making your own.