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Blog » Is It Cheaper To Brew Your Own Beer: Supermarket Verses Home Brew Beers

It's the question I am asked over and over again 'But is it cheaper to brew your own beers, ciders and wines?'

Well the honest truth is that most home brew enthusiasts don't do it for this reason as the time involved probably outweighs the savings made. But it really is a tremendously enjoyable hobby and generally home brewers do it for the love of it and the fact that with the many and varied kits for home brew on he market it really is possible to brew some fantastic tasting beers that are definitely tastier than the equivalent priced supermarket brands.

Over a year in factual terms your may save around £100 by brewing your own beers (if you were buying around 1 six pack of beer per week) so not a huge saving but a saving nevertheless.

If you are willing to try homebrew and like the results your own beer gives then you will probably be hooked. Let's face it if you are even thinking about giving it a go as a hobby then you are probably a patient sole anyway so the process will not phase you one bit!

Are There Lots Of Beer Kits available For Home Brew?

There certainly are! Take a look at our beer kits section, you'll see kits galore. We also stock a wide range of wine and cider kits.

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