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Blog » How To make Fruity Wines | Homebrew Wine Kits

Advice For Fruity Wines

It is very important to remember this one thing (everything else too of course but this is essential)

You will need to control the micro organisms that grown Many of the yeasts and bacteria around us will also produce nasty flavours not to mention toxins and this is definitely NOT what you want in your home made fruity wine.

You MUST I repeat MUST ensure all of your equipment is thoroughly steralised. Clean and sterile equipment is an absolute requirement for all home brewers.

Preparing Your fruit

·Remove leaves and/or stalks

·Don’t remove the skins

·Crush the fruit

·Add a campden tablet to the water for steralisation

·Cool the water

·Ann Pectic Enzyme


·Add sugar to the must

·Add the yeast

·Stir in the yeast

·Wait 24 hours

·Leave vessel open but covered

·Leave for 7 days (stir every day)

·Add an acid blend as a nutrient for the yeast and to balance the acidity of your wine

Fill Her Up!

You must now seal the yeast to protect it from oxygen. Oxygen ruins many a good wine (potentially good anyway!) Using a large funnel pour the mix into your demijohn. Add an air tight lock. You need to keep the carbon dioxide in but the oxygen out.

Leave in a cool dark place. This will ensure your wine is clear. Leave for a few months for the best results. Don’t leave it too long though because you don’t want the exhausted yeast sells that sink to the bottom to start decomposing as this will give some gross flavours! You should now transfer the wine to another container. You may have heard this referred to as ‘racking’ Top us with water each time you rack.

Fermentation Times – Oooh around 9-10 months we would say for optimum results. Your wine should be crystal clear.