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Blog » How To Make Beer From Scratch - Beer Making Without The Kit

Of course you don't have to make your beer using a kit. It is possible to make it from scratch as long as you have all of the kit and ingredients you need. If you are a beginner then we suggest a kit is a better option to get you started but if you are a little more experienced then why not try brewing from scratch.....

how to make beer from scratch

What you will need for your home brew beer

A container to heat the liquid

Beer barrel for storage once your beer is brewed. You may have heard this referred to as racking

Beer bottles

A large pan

Fermenter bucket






Straining bag

Bottle caps

Measurements for making your beer - Taken from 'How to make beers like those you buy' - by Dave Line

1) Crushed Pale Malt (I used Maris Otter) 7lb or 3.5kg
2) Crushed Crystal Malt 8oz or 350g
3) Water 3 gallons or 15 litres
4) Irish Moss 1tsp or 5ml
5) Demerara sugar 10oz or 310g
6) Fuggles Hops 1oz or 30g
7) Goldings Hops 2 and three quarter oz or 85g
8) Brewers Yeast 2oz or 60g (I used a dried packet mix of 11.5g)
9) Gelatine, Half oz or 15g