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Blog » How Do I Make My Own Giner Beer: The Best Ginger Beer Made At Home

Make your own ginger beer at home - This summer, take your taste buds on a nostalgic journey with one of our ginger beer kits. With both alcoholic and non alcoholic beer kits available, there is a ginger beer for everyone.

ginger beer home brew kits

From the Simply range, Simply Ginger Beer makes a truly delicious alcoholic ginger beer with subtle malty flavour, well-balanced sweetness and the unmistakable fiery taste of real ginger. Simply add the contents of the kit to a fermentation vessel, add 1kg of brewing sugar, top up with water and sprinke on the yeast sachet provided. Simple! Each kit makes 40 pints.

Ginger beer home brew kit

With the Coopers Ginger Beer Concentrate, make a thirst quenching, traditional bevy with a hint of spice and plenty of bite. A kilo of raw sugar makes it alcoholic or priming sugar in the bottles only for the non-alcoholic variety. The kids will love the non-alcoholic version while the rest of the family tuck into the other. Just don’t get them mixed up!