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Blog » What Homebrew Cider Kit is Good With BBQ's: What Goes well With Meat?

Okay so the Summer is finally here and like the rest of us you are probably thinking 'BBQ'

BBQ's and beer are a great mix but BBQ's and cider, even better! There's something about the sun and cider that just goes!

Of course you can pop down to the local super market but that just wouldn't be the same would it.....

Cider Kits For Homebrew

We offer a number of cider kits via our online brew store. Simply pick the kit that's perfect for you and away you go!

homebrew cider kits

This Premium cider from Muntons is a West Country-style cider with a distinctive, crisp and refreshing taste using authentic, quality brewing ingredients and Muntons know how.

Meat And Cider

Absolutely any meat goes well with the cider although we believe sweet fruity tasting cider's are the best accompanying bbq'd food. This however, is probably just down to personal taste.

Pork is the usual meat of choice when it comes to pairing with cider. Just think 'pork in an apple and cider sauce' Yum yum yum!!!

In the UK, the West Country is the region most associated with cider making, particularly the usually flat, strong traditional cider, scrumpy. So not only do we sell cider kits for homebrew here in our Somerton store we are the originators. Somerset ciders are fantastic!

Cooking With Cider

Dry cider is usually recommended if you are using it to cook with. Dry means all of the natural sugar has been fermented out and you are left with an alcoholic, often clear liquid.

Our Friends At Battens Farm

Battens farm is an online store selling quality free range meat boxes. Their bbq meat box is the perfect choice when it comes to buying for your own home bbq.

What Cider Kit Is Best?

It really does very much depend on the style of cider you prefer to drink.

If you prefer a fruity taste to your hombrew cider then may we suggest...

'On the Rocks' Cider Kits - Fresh fruity flavours hit you instantly!

cider kits for homebrew

Or if you like the more traditional dry ciders then may we suggest....

'John Bull' Cider kits - Traditional County Cider kit making - West Country style cider.

traditional cider kits