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Blog » Five Pubs Per Week Closing Down

New homebrew research shows that 5 pubs (leased) per week are closing down. Here at Beer Kits we are saddened by this news but evidently the figure isn't all that high, really?

Public House Closures - This figure is actually much lower than previously thought, and show that statutory intervention that would damage the pub trade and risk a return to far higher closure rates is not needed, says the BBPA. The figures, which cover the year to September 2014, were prepared from a survey of BBPA members.

It seems a shame that the gold old British pub seems to be losing it's popularity. We love a traditional pub, you know the ones with a roaring log fire in the Winter and a lovely family friendly beer garden in the Summer months.

They are becoming a rarity it seems. Young people prefer the loud late closing places that bang out tunes until the early hours ensuring you have a sore throat in he morning! Oh dear we do sound old don't we!