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Blog » Experiment wildly - Homebrew Should be Original

Go for it - experiment wildly - create your own homebrew creations and don't be afraid to think outside of the box. It doesn't matter if it doesn't work the first time around. At least you will know what not to do when you try again. Don't be put off just because you may be new the the hobby. You may have been told to tread carefully but we don't agree!

Homebrew in all it's guises is massive in the UK with all kinds of people taking up this creative hobby. It's most popular amongst men but lots more women are taking it up these days. If you like beer, wine or cider and have patience as well as some creativity then you may just love brewing your own!

beer kits

You can get away with using the most basic of equipment. Don't think if you don't have all the new trendy gadgets that it rules you out of the homebrew market. You can be just as creative with basic equipment. As long as you have the basics you're good to go...

Start with a kit as this will give you all the relevant bits and pieces to get started as well as the confidence that you are doing everything right. Once you know you can do it and you understand the process then maybe you can make a beer from scratch. This way you can be as creative as you dare to be. The more you brew the better you will become. It's just like anything else in life - practice makes perfect so keeeeeep brewing!