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Blog » Common Brewing Mistakes: Things Homebrew Beginners Often Get Wrong

So once you have decided to make your own you probably think the rest is going to be easy. Well it is really but there are also a few things you should bear in mind. There are some mistakes that new brewers make (most of them) which if you don't know what you have done wrong may easily put you off when it comes to making any more beer, wine or cider at home.

home brew starter kits

So what are the common mistakes that many home brewers make?

Yeast works best at a certain temperature. If you don't control this temperature according to your kit instructions it may all go horribly wrong!

Always pay really close attention to the instructions within your particular kit. Okay so this may not be the manly thing to do (apologies if you are not a man!) but instructions really do serve a purpose. Not following them to the letter when it comes to home brew can be the beginning of a rubbish batch of alcohol!

Don't over complicate the issue - The thing is when you are new to anything you may look at forums, read books and listen to all kinds of advice when really your own instinct is probably best. The same applies with homebrew. It really is a pretty simple process and one you can master without over loading your brain with all kinds of conflicting advice from various sources.

Providing you read the instructions and stick to them you really can't go far wrong.

Is home brew for everyone?

No, probably not everyone as it takes a lot of patience and attention to detail but if you like a challenge (it should only prove a challenge the first time) and love the results that producing something home made gives then home brew may certainly be the hobby you have been looking for.