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Blog » Can I Use Fresh Fruit In My Homebrew Cider: Fresh v's tinned fruits

A question we are often asked is 'can I use fresh fruit to make a fruity cider?' Well the answer is yes of course but there are a few things to consider if you are going to use fresh rather than a canned fruit.

Sugar Content

Because you won't know the exact sugar content of your fresh fruit this may affect the fermentation of your homebrew cider and also the alcohol content.

Fruit Cider Kits From On The Rocks

These delicious fruit cider kits are a great way to start brewing with fruits.

fruit cider home brew

We would suggest following a tried and tested recipe to begin with as this way you won't waste your time and a ton of fruit getting it wrong.

Fresh Berries

There is plenty of sugar to ferment in blackberries for example. We recommend pressing the berries before taking a reading with a hydrometer. If you don't quite get the recommended reading you can always add some sugar.

You could also try freezing the berries first then press them for juice. You could also try using a cider press but be careful as the tiny seeds in berries can clog up the cloth.

Cider Homebrew tips from Beer-Kits