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Blog » Brewferm Belgian Beer Kits: The Best Home Brew Kits For Belgian Beer Making

The best beer kits for making Belgian beer at home - Brewferm is an exceptional home brew.

brewferm belgian beer kits

Brewferm supply a range of of high quality home brew beer kits for use at home, for both the novice and experienced brewer. Brewferm offer the very best flavours and strengths appealing to a wide range of home brewers. We stock a wide range of these wonderful beer kits - 12 kits in all. Each Belgian beer with the most delicious full taste.

Belgians And Beer - Some Interesting Facts

Did you know there are approximately 180 breweries in Belgium?

On average Belgian's drink around 180 litres of beer every year. They like their beer!

It has been widely reported that Beer drinking in Belgium dates back to the age of the first crusades, long before Belgium became an independent country.

60% of beer in Belgium is exported all over the World.

Why Buy Belgian Beer From Beer Kits?

Not only are we able to offer a wide choice of Brewferm Belgian beer kits suitable for novice and home brew enthusiasts we also offer a level of service that we believe is difficult to beat.

We ship in good time, our website is easy to navigate and we are extremely knowledgeable plus the fact that we are always on hand to help with any questions you may have about our beer kits.

If you have never bought your beer kits from an online store or you have used other home brew stores we are sure that once you order from us you won't go anywhere else.