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Blog » Brew Summer Beers At Home - A Brewing Story

So I decided to take the plunge and start brewing my own beer. Mainly down to the fact that the weather is cheering up and I fancied a new hobby. I love beer of course and as well as that I love to bbq so beer and bbq...what's not to love I thought!

Anyway, I got to work researching the various kits and products available to purchase online because I am very lazy. There are so many products out there and to be honest it was a bit of a mine field, I had no idea where to start. In the end I decided to begin with a kit that does the lot. What can go wrong I thought.

For most people I suppose nothing would go wrong, but then I am not most people. Unfortunately I suffer from a lack of patience which I now know is an absolute must as far as home brew is concerned. I should have known this, how did I not know this??

Yeast fermentation takes around nine days I am told. Whoops, it really doesn't work so well if you don't stick to the instructions. Being a man I also suffer from another affliction..I hate being told what to do by an instruction leaflet. I know best, of course I do.

Hmmm well it seems that maybe sometimes it does pay to read the tiny print that tells you exactly how to brew your beer to perfection! You really have to leave it to ferment for the time it states, fancy that!

I am going to try again and I am going to do as I am told this time. I won't like it but hey if I get a nice glass of cool beer out of it it'll be worth it.

I like this one for next time, it looks Summery!

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