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Blog » Don't Know where To Start With Homebrew: What Kits Are Best For The Novice Brewer

Many people are put off homebrewing because they don't know where to start and it all seems...well a little daunting.

Buy A Starter Kit

The best advice we can give is to start by using a kit for beginners. This may seem a little boring and maybe you've been imagining all kinds of weird and wonderful homebrew concoctions and in time of course you can be adventurous but this comes with experience which in turn lends itself to confidence and the knowledge that YES you can be creative.

But first, as boring as it may seem you need to get to grips with the basics of homebrew. A starter kit really is the best way to do this. And actually it really isn't all that boring!

Recipe Books

There's no shame in following a recipe. You can always modify a tried and tested recipe when you have mastered your home brew technique.

There Will Be Disasters

Of course there will be the odd dodgy batch but don't despair, simply learn by your mistake and don't do it again!

Don't run before you can walk is the old saying and that goes well for home brew. Modern brew kits are so much better than in years gone by.

Do I Have To Use A Kit?

Not every home brewer will use a kit to make their beer, wine or cider. It is of course possible to make them without the use of a kit but again, this will come with time. There is no right or wrong way to do it. The most important thing is that you simply give it a go and enjoy....