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Blog » Are You Ever Too Old For Home Brew: Some Older Brewers Proving Not

Can you be too old to contemplate brewing your own? Hell no! Just take a look at this group of older brews from the USA.

Aspen Ridge Retirement Community

When these pensioners were asked what new skill they would like to learn they responded with 'Home Brew'

What a splendid way to pass the time. We can't think of anything better. Of course we are a little biased but it just goes to show that home brew appeals to all ages and all genders. It's no longer a hobby for the middle aged man but for everyone.

The brewers made up some crazy recipes when their confidence grew. The youngest of the bunch being 74 years of age. The Aspen Ridge home brew team take their craft very seriously, they even enter their original brews into competitions and have gained quite some notoriety.

Go Aspen Ridge!