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Blog » A Good Time To Make Beer: Why You Should Brew Your Own

Come on, the sun is shining and there's never been a better time to get that home brew kit that you've been thinking about buying forever...

If you feel uncertain about where to start then we stock some great recipe books in our online shop and you will also find some fantastic starter recipes right here on our blog.

brew your own beer

We sell all kinds of kits for homebrew, from beer kits to cider kits and wine kits you'll find them all here.

A Little Bit about Beer-Kits

We are soley owned by Overt Locke and are specialists in all forms of home brew. We try to stock all of the accessories and equipment you will ever need to start brewing your own but feel free to tell us if there is something we have forgotten.

Homebrew ain't what it used to's possible to create fantastic tasting beers wines and spirits from the comfort of your own home and they won't taste a bit like petrol (not unless you want them to that is)

If you have some spare time and the inclination then homebrew is a great pass time and once you start you will be hooked. We don't guarantee it but we are pretty sure!