About Us

Beerkits is part of Overt Locke Ltd, a long established, independent hardware store in Somerton, in the heart of Somerset, run by generations of the Overt Locke family since 1925.

Back in the 1990s we got enquiries from home brewers who couldn’t get hold of brewing supplies as many specialist shops were closing down. We investigated and decided to open our own brewing department within the store, providing kits, equipment and advice. Since then, the homebrewing department has flourished, with people coming quite a distance to get their supplies.

Over the last 10 years we have expanded to offer a mail order service for homebrew supplies although we maintain a strong base within the shop itself. Most of what you see on our website is available in store, with only a few of the more expensive wine kits being supplied to order only. We deliver to all of the UK, to Highlands and Islands and to Northern Ireland. Smaller items can be sent to the Channel Islands, but regrettably, we have only a limited service for larger items at present. Most items should arrive with you within a few days.

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Give us a call on 01458 272 626 or leave us a message.

Kind Words

An Aladdin's cave so much from DIY baking jam making boots candles garden stuff. I went for the home brewing. Very helpful & expert advice & service.

Paula Robinson