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Beer Kits UK

Your one stop shop for homebrew supplies online in the UK. We sell a vast selection of home brew beer kits online, such as Brewferm, Coopers, Festival and Burton Bridge to name but a few. Choose the best home brew starter kits, home brew cider kits galore,wine kits online and homebrew ingredients via our UK online brew store. Whether you are new to home brew or well practised, you will find everything you need to start making your own beer, ale, cider or wine here.

Homebrewing Supplies And Ingredients

here via our online store. as well as homebrew beer kits, homebrew cider kits and homebrew wine kits we also have a massive selection of homebrew accessories and equipment from swing top bottles to corks and fermenters you really can find everything you need at Beer-Kits. Think of us as a one stop shop for all your brewing needs. It's easy to brew your own with a kit from Beer-Kits.

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The Nation's Most Popular brews - Beer Map

The Nation's Most Popular brews - Beer Map

So England prefers....wait for it.....Carling! Ireland goes for Guinness and Iceland goes for Viking. Quite predictable results we think!
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Beer For Dogs - Whatever Next?

So you can hang out with your dog and you can both partake in a cool beer...really? We are not so sure about that here at Beer-Kits, seems a little weird doesn't it!
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Experiment wildly - Homebrew Should be Original

Go for it - experiment wildly - create your own homebrew creations and don't be afraid to think outside of the box. It doesn't matter if it doesn't work the first time around.
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How To make Fruity Wines | Homebrew Wine Kits

How to make great tasting wines at home. Advice for making fruit wine. Give it time, it'll taste great! Homebrew wine kits for all.
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