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Welcome to Beer-Kits

Your one stop shop for homebrew supplies online in the UK. Beer-Kits stock everything you will need to brew at home. We sell a vast selection of home brew beer kits, homebrew ale kits, wine kits, cider kits and liqueur kits. We also stock all homebrew ingredients and homebrew equipment including homebrew starter kits. Whether you are new to home brew or well practised, you will find everything you need to start making your own beer, ale, cider or wine here.

Here at Beer Kits...

We stock everything you would need in order to brew your own at home for less. We stock a wide range of homebrew equipment and homebrew ingredients including starter wine kits, beer kits and cider kits, airlocks, barrels, barrel spares, books, bottling aids, bungs, caps and reseals, corks, Demi-Johns and Carboys, fermenters, filtering equipment, fruit pulpers, gas cylinders and accessories, heating equipment, homebar sundries, labels, shrink capsules, spoons, jugs, funnels, syphons and tubing, taps, testing equipment, vinotainer, wine presses, wine racks, sugars and enhancers, chemicals, finings, grain, hops, malt extracts, nutrients, spraymalt, sterilisers, wine additives, yeast and yeast nutrients.

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New Product - Young's Premier Ales 'Hoppy and Glorious'

New Product - Young's Premier Ales 'Hoppy and Glorious'

'Hoppy and Glorious' is a brand new kit developed by Young's in 2016.
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Create Expensive Imported Liqueur

​Classic Liquors has created an easy way for the home-brewer to produce the most delicious liqueurs in just two weeks.
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April Special Offer

Receive a FREE 5ltr PET plastic Demi-John with cap and grommet when purchasing any of our NEW Classic Liquor Sets.
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Cider Recipe

How to make a deliciously tasting cider using a blend of sweet apples.
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